We are very proud to be part of this amazing movie. A mesmerizing human drama set in southern Poland.


Working with the Writer/Director Lee Mackintos Jones and the team behind this production has been a real pleasure. 


The Rise and Fall of the KRAYS


A very talented team behind this clever blockbuster. Great script and professional crew have created a quality movie.

LOCATIONS: Found this wonderful ballroom space and then discovered it was the same one used for the Hollywood mega bucks version called LEGEND.  

We are very happy for our colleague Jon Nicholas who's high concept drama screenplay is going into production this year. We hooked Jon up with the talented actor Mem Ferda who we felt was ideal for the dynamic lead role and who would enable it to get financed. So our very best wishes to team Scott.

Turtle and the Sea

This was a challenging production under the micro budget circumstances but it seems like a unique feature has been produced. We are very happy for Cat Goscovitch who hired us to turn her clever script into reality.


It stars Cat and her partner Shifu Yan Lei who is a 34th generation master of Kung Fu from the Shaolin Temple in China. So expect some awesome fight scenes and a wonderful soundtrack.



A musician and her martial artist fight to save the life of his mother back in China.

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